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About Us

Pikutech provides business consultancy services on a project basis for companies in the UK that plan to invest in Turkey, and for Turkish companies that want to expand their business into the UK. Turkey is a significant market with a growing demand for high value products and services, as such it fits well with the established and innovating international companies operating out of the UK. The UK, as a more mature market, offers great promise to growing Turkish companies to expand their businesses internationally.

Our consultancy services are ideally suited for SMEs, corporations and governmental organisations. We have previous experience in consulting in healthcare, pharmacy, cosmetics, food, textiles, construction, information and communication technology, and workplace security. Our approach is focused on defining your needs for a specific project, analysing the challenges and problems, and using our specialist knowledge of the UK and Turkish markets to develop solutions.

Some facts about us

Established in 2013
20+ Projects Completed
10 International Clients

Our services

Marketing Consultancy

Understanding markets and developing the best approaches to deal with them is vital to all organisations. We offer our wide range of consultancy services from market research and analysis, to pricing and marketing strategy development. Additionally, we can help with developing suitable strategies for digital marketing. Our services are relevant to all sizes of organisations, such as SMEs, corporations and governmental institutions.

International Business Consultancy

International projects can be challenging for small and large companies alike. We offer consultancy services focused on the needs of companies expanding internationally, such as M&A, networking, and business development. Using our international know-how, we are able to advise companies on technical, business and socio-cultural aspects of operating internationally, particularly Turkey and the UK.

Strategic and Management Consultancy

Developing strategic plans and implementing them effectively are the most important steps towards international success. Our management consultancy experience helps companies and governmental organisations in building effective teams and creating successful strategies for international business ventures. We also provide operational improvement advice to maximise the potential of organisations.




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